A Home Inspector’s Guide to House-Flipping

We at HID have decided that in the interest of. . . uh, self-interest . . . yeah, uh anyway, we’re gonna tackle some of the issues that unnecessarily complicate the daily routines of home inspectors, namely you house flippers who are great with color coordination and. . . , well, that’s about it.

We would like to lend a small hand to the HGTV junkies and Donald Trump wanna-bees out there who, without fail and without intercommunication or cooperation, do the same things wrong and do them wrong over and over and over again.

So this is our plan: we are currently writing and will soon consecutively publish a series of articles each focusing on a specific component or system where these commonalities occur.

Our goal is simple: we home inspectors want to write less in our home inspection reports.

These articles will not be exhaustive in any technical sense, that information is already overly prevalent on the web, but will be general guidance in the areas where DIY “common-sense” has no relationship with building codes and standard building practices. In other words, we’re going to tell you when you need to stop and read the directions, and why.


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