DIY and the Home Inspector’s Job Security

I could write a song, “Ode to DIY”. We home inspectors owe much of our existence to the home improvement Do-It-Yourself centers, books, and the home-owner advice blogosphere. Without these immeasurable encyclopedias of advice unfollowed, and building supplies and tools misused, our profession, our job, would be as mundane as mowing the lawn. All of

Home Inspection Bells and Whistles

Very few products and services are offered in their purest form these days. More often than not purchasing a device without the bells and whistles is “special order.” Try buying an appliance that doesn’t come with a built-in clock. I can’t walk through my kitchen without being reminded four or five times that I hit

How to Prepare Your Home for the Inspector

After years of study and countless hours of interviews with home inspectors across the country, this organization, The Home Inspection Digest, has developed a comprehensive inspection checklist for home sellers and their real estate listing agents to help them prepare for the home inspection. Make sure the inspector has a place to park his vehicle

Shady Dealings

By Gilbert Migirditsian Professional Engineer and Building Expert Founder of GM Inspection The daily life of a home inspector is often intertwined with the past of the properties he inspects. This is inevitable as you’re dealing with the past history of a property, the past history of its owners, and the lack of information that

Where Are You?

By Gilbert Migirditsian Professional Engineer and Building Expert Founder of GM Inspection Being in a densely populated urban area, I sometimes find myself having to drive some distance to get from one inspection to another. Often the time passes slowly due to traffic, construction, accidents, and whatnot. For this reason, I greatly rely on technology

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