Wrecking Ball Framed

Who We Are

What do you get when you have a group of veteran home inspectors who ought to retire? The distinguished and insightful professionals who write the Home Inspection Digest (HID). On the clock, these very experienced inspectors – trustworthy, compassionate, and professional – delicately deliver reports that are often more feared than an IRS agent’s. Once the whistle blows, though, compassion is tossed into the wind like a required building permit. Only observant inspectors who understand the human element of the business and who think about their experiences are bold enough to provide this humorous, overdue approach to inspection story telling. You see, the home inspection business is about people, not houses.

The Darwin awards of the home inspection business, HID is honest and void of political correctness and sympathy. Satirical, cynical, and informative, HID sheds light (thank goodness the light bulbs were replaced before the inspection!) on what happens behind the scenes of an inspection—a scene you might be in. Approach the blog with caution and a motion sickness patch. You will nod in agreement with what you wish you didn’t know and shake your head in disbelief of what you wish you did know. No matter on what side of the kitchen table you’re sitting, what’s the first thing you should do after an emotional, stressful situation? Laugh. Afterall, if the HID crew can’t laugh at you, then who can?

What the Blog is Really About

If it was just about houses, home inspection would be easy. But it’s not just about houses. Home inspection is about people; people with hopes, people with dreams and people with attitudes, undisciplined children, pets and lawyers. The wise and the ignorant, the wealthy and the poor, the stubborn and the gullible, etc., all bring their expectations, their curiosities and their quirks to the home inspection. And those are just the home buyers.

Consider all of the conflicting agendas that are necessary to buy and sell real property; buyers, sellers, agents, banks, lenders, appraisers, escrow officers, contractors, inspectors and building departments, all vying for a piece of the action in, and protection from, any home purchase. In musical terms, it is an organized disharmony. Any one of these agendas can, with something as simple as a single phrase or even a single word, turn a real estate transaction into dust.

The Home Inspection Digest blog is an up-close and honest look at the mental and emotional twists and turns of the home inspector’s daily routine. The Home Inspection Digest will reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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